Evolving digital asset investment vehicle.

We are a hedge fund specialized in digital assets which aims to mitigate risk and provide sustainable returns over time.

Risk management at the core of our operations

The purpose of this vehicle is to streamline investment operations to the level required by institutional clients.

Our proprietary investment models combine on-chain and market data analysis. Historically it has consistently outperformed passive investment strategies.

Inception: August 2019
Private Fund
Minimum Ticket
100,000 €
2-20%. No deposit fees.
Daily net asset value

Solidity, trust, security.


Mathematical and statistical approach to management.

Cyclic approach

We study, recognize and navigate the economic cycles of this sector.

Steady Growth

We grow steadily, building on solid foundations to advance further.

Risk Management

We place great importance on risk management to optimize returns.

Track record - Bitcoin Alpha

Annualized performance
Performance since inception (Aug, 2019)
Annualized alpha over Bitcoin
Alpha over Bitcoin since inception (Aug, 2019)
* Last update: -

Track record - DeFi Dynamics

Track record - Ethereum Alpha

Our products

Bitcoin Alpha

Proprietary investing models
All weather strategy
Cyclic Approach
4 year track record

DeFi Dynamics

Diversified Portfolio
Liquid protocols
Exponential growth market
Selected assets through fundamental analysis

Ethereum Alpha

A solid and evolving technology
Smart Contracts and DeFi Ecosystem
The liquid and scalable blockchain
Cyclical market approach
Partnered with


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